Hive Mentality: Why Community Matters

Okay, a warning, I am about to get sentimental on you. You see, I believe it’s true, an individual can move small mountains if they set their mind to something. With focus and passion and determination, the single person is a force to be reckoned with. But there is a far greater energy out there: community. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I meet people every single day that become part of my network. People that amaze me, that fill me with awe, that make me smile. Yes, many of these are bee people—keepers and enthusiasts and honey-lovers—but also farmers, shop owners, craftspeople, hospitality workers, gardeners, tradespeople, parents, just to name a few.

So, I have decided to share more stories with you about the everyday people I admire: those hardworking individuals that make their dreams come true every day, and also the general public, who engage and support small and local business by knowing where to spend their pennies. I am in love with those friendly faces who make sure they always have time to chat about life when they pass you in the street or the supermarket aisle. You see, it’s a community thing. And it shows that even though a single person can be very productive, they are nowhere near as capable, or more importantly, as happy, without their network around them. A lone island can get a lot done, as workaholics like myself often do, but there is no doubt that they need other people to enrich their lives and make the world a full and inspiring place.

So, what does community mean to me? A hell of a lot: friendship, helping each other, feeling connected. The incredible knowledge that we can always count on one another in times of need; if our kids need to be collected from school, or we are seeking some advice, or there is a problem at the house that needs fixing. That kind of security helps the day run smoothly, alleviates stress. Community means stopping to say hello and having a chat not just a hand wave: it’s a deeper connection, an understanding that we are all in this together and that each time we lend a helping hand, offer a smile, or just make the time to have a genuine chat, we are building a better world for ourselves and others. As the saying goes, no person is an island, so do as bees do, and get together and help each other to make life better, happier and more productive.

Hive Mentality: Why Community Matters

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