Lesley’s Lesson

As many of you know, I celebrated my birthday on the 27th February 2019. The big 4-1! I was completely overwhelmed with all of the amazing love I received from family and friends, as well as wishes from bee lovers in Australia and overseas. It definitely made me warm and fuzzy inside realising I have so much support and love in my life. It also got me thinking about how I came to be on this incredible planet, and the amazing woman who brought me into the world– my mum, Lesley!

You see, Lesley is tough. She arrived in Australia as a Ten Pound Pom: a British citizen that migrated here after the Second World War through the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme. Ten Pound Poms were called this as they only had to pay £10 in processing fees to migrate, and the Commonwealth arranged for their travel on chartered ships and planes. Moving across the world to a new home isn’t easy, and there’s no doubt that my mum showed her strength by packing up and making such a big change. Over the past 41 years, I have known her to be tenacious, not to mention kind, generous and a wonderful grandmother to my three kids. She is also incredibly hard working and helps me make Ben’s Bees candles and embed wax into frames for hives.

But having a baby wasn’t that easy for my mum. Over thirteen years, and two different husbands, my mum tried to get pregnant to no success. Nowadays, Lesley would have been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome– a common issue among many women– but in the 1960s there wasn’t the same understanding or knowledge about this condition. But due to her intense desire to be a mother, she decided to take part in a government health program for infertility that involved a human pituitary treatment. In a life-changing win for my mum, dad and (of course) me, the treatment was successful, and I was one of the 2000 babies produced through this test tube, or in vitro, fertilisation process.

I’ve learnt so much from my mum over my lifetime. But one of the hugest lessons is never give up on your dreams. Amazing things can come true if you keep pushing forward and doing what you can to make each and every day a step in the right direction. Lesley knows this, and luckily, as she gave me the great life I have today! So, keep your chin up, and when you have a dream, push towards it, you never know what magic lies around the corner.

Beekeeper’s Mum

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