Rent A (Bee) Crowd!

Sometimes you don’t want to look after something forever, sometimes it’s better not to buy. For me, bees are a lifelong love, and will always take prime position in my backyard or property, no matter how big or small it becomes. In my near future, I imagine a rolling-hills kind of property in the Yarra Valley, with my very own orchard and bee farm; beautiful plants everywhere, a garden made especially for pollinators. However, even if I rented a one bedroom flat, the little patio would have one (two, three…) bee homes, buzzing away.

But living in the suburbs right now, I understand that there are times when a more temporary beekeeping arrangement is the perfect model. It’s always vital to be mindful before you purchase any animal, so, for new beekeepers especially, sometimes “rent-a-crowd” is the perfect way to dip your toes in the apiary pool. It can seem daunting to take on a few thousand new yellow friends, but there’s no doubt in my mind, once you rent you will soon be hooked!

But actually, it’s not just new beekeepers that can benefit from a bee rental service. Of course, farmers need bees too! More than anyone perhaps! And with crops mainly blooming in one period in Australia (spring or early summer), there is a small window for pollination of around two to four weeks. During this time, it is vital that bees visit flowers and ensure pollination happens. According to Manu Saunders, Research Fellow at the University of New England, many farmers rent European honeybee hives during this peak season to help with pollination; she explains that, in 2018, there were around 600,000 managed hives in the country, worth around A$100 million in Australia’s economy!

At Ben’s Bees, we provide a bee rental and professional pollination service. On a hobbyist level, I will come to your home, bring a happy hive of new pets, and set you on your way to foster parenthood. On a professional level, I offer a bee pollination service that can help optimize pollination and therefore crop yield. My apiary is based in Victoria’s picturesque Yarra Valley, and I can pick up and deliver throughout Victoria. And with big developments on the horizon, I will be extending operations to adjoining states in the very near future! No job is too big or too small: from a single hive to 100 hives strong, my bees are ready to help your garden or crop flourish.

Host A Hive

Host A Hive

Host A Hive
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