Going that Extra Mile: Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey

I love honey with a little extra punch. Honey that heals, honey that fixes a cold, honey that soothes, honey that fights off baddies. But what is it that gives some honey superpowers, you might ask? “Active” honey is honey that has been tested and proven to contain “bioactive” compounds. Of course, Manuka honey first comes to mind when we think of active honey, but what other types of honey have this similar quality?

Introducing Leatherwood Honey! Brought to us by the lovely team at The Tasmanian Honey Company, this special variety is organically harvested in the pristine and remote wilderness on the western side of Tasmania, where the Roaring Forties roll through, bringing constant moisture to the Leatherwood trees (or Eucryphia lucida). Adorned in beautiful white flowers, these trees are used in both the horticulture and apiculture industries.

So, what does Leatherwood Honey taste like? This Tasmanian native honey is unique, described by the International Slow Food Movement as “slightly liquid, [with] a smooth creamy texture”, with “balsamic scents which develop quickly into clean fresh notes of citrus fruits and white flowers” and a flavour that is “lightly spicy” in its finish.

And better still, it is packed with special “active” powers. It has a high antioxidant quality (two to three times richer than that of other honey varieties), contains prebiotics for stomach health, and has wound-healing properties. In this particular variety, the active quality of the honey is due to small amounts of hydrogen peroxide from a naturally occurring enzyme. Derek from the Tasmanian Honey Company described how he treated a very deep cut on his hand for two months with Manuka and Leatherwood varieties of honey: the comparison was quite amazing, with the Leatherwood working wonders on Derek’s cut (which really could have done with a few stitches!) The Leatherwood variety surpassed the Manuka in wound-healing strength, and fixed Derek’s hand right up!

The Tasmanian Honey Company have poured this special batch of honey into amber-coloured jars. The “active” quality of the honey lasts for a whole year in the pantry; after that time, the honey’s active quality starts to diminish until it becomes what is known as normal leatherwood honey with a regular five-year best before date. I am proud to be stocking this special, local product that showcases the diversity and magic of Australian honey varieties. Leatherwood honey starts from $24.95 for a 250ml jar on the Ben’s Bees online store.

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Leatherwood Honey Bio-Active 250 gram

Bio Active Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey
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