Ben’s Bees Community: Judith Pineros, Colombia 

As you all know, I love to talk about the folk who make my job pleasurable, passionate and deeply satisfying; it seems especially important to share these stories in a time when we need to feel connected to one another more than ever. My bee people are diverse – keepers and enthusiasts and honey-lovers, but also farmers, shop owners, craftspeople, hospitality workers, gardeners, tradespeople, parents, just to name a few. But what they all share is positivity, warmth and a lust for life. Each of them is unique and independent in their thinking and makes the world a better place through resilience and kindness. In turn, these are the people that make my community; the people that push me, motivate me, make me want to be a better beekeeper and human being! 

So, it’s a great pleasure to introduce the wonderful Judith Pineros from the bustling city of Bogata, Colombia! Judith’s interest in beekeeping started ten years ago now when she was part of a team checking for seismic activity in the earth; during this time, she would frequently come across wild hives full of bees with Africanised genetics. The bees were actually incredibly aggressive, and so, it might not have seemed like the perfect introduction, but Judith found her calling at this time, and hasn’t looked back! In Colombia, where gender roles are still very traditional, beekeeping can bring a sense of purpose and employment to women in rural areas. With that in mind, I can see that the vivacious, kind and hard-working Judith Pineros is going to be a wonderful role-model for these women, as she paves her own path, globally, in the beekeeping world. 

In fact, Judith is currently in Australia, working with Ben’s Bees and seeing this beautiful country as she does so! And tell you what, I have loved every minute of her being here. Judith is nothing but positive – she’s a strong Colombian woman, physically and mentally. She loves art and children and cooking. She works long and hard days and has a completely natural touch when it comes to Aussie bees. What a gem! You’ll be seeing more from Judith and I on social media as we bring the wonderful world of bees to the comfort of your home. Love J and B x

Ben’s Bees Community: Judith Pineros, Colombia

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