The Ben’s Bees Honey House

Not a single person that knows me would describe me as a shrinking violet. I am no wall flower, that’s for sure. The limelight doesn’t scare me much, and I like to be out there, living life, talking about what I love, meeting like-minded people and spreading the bee-news wherever I can. In other words, you could say that I am a happy-go-lucky extrovert with a sunny expression and … a penchant for the colour yellow! It reminds me of all the best things – flowers, sunshine, and of course bees and their honey and their wax and their hives! I have a yellow hat, yellow socks, and even a big yellow-splashed van!

So, with all this in mind, it might not surprise you as much as it probably should that I have done a little renovating on the honesty box out the front of my house in Melbourne’s eastern suburb of Blackburn. What was once a demure little wooden roadside stall suitable for just a few jars of honey, is now…a Ben’s Bees honey house, a miniature bee-produce store, painted in the most glorious colour of them all – bright, sunny, bee yellow!

You see, small business is where my heart’s at, and the COVID-19 lockdowns have made life tough for all of us with a business built on passion, not loads of cash. You will see that businesses all over Australia and the world have been finding new ways to make ends meet – to continue with their practices and businesses, to maintain their livelihoods while we all do what we can to fight this virus. The Ben’s Bees honesty-system Honey House can’t be missed and is even worth a drive or walk to collect your honey from a local producer if I do say so myself! Its sunshine-y colour is sure to put a smile on your dial, and kids love it!

Let’s put the profit back into the pockets of small and local business owners, starting now, as we look inward and realise that we have to nurture what is made with passion and love. I look forward to seeing you make your purchases at the Ben’s Bees Honey House, at 15 Marilyn Court, Blackburn North. There is a wealth of honey supplies inside, and you just leave the correct change in the honesty box provided. A shopping trip to the little yellow hive on the corner couldn’t be more uplifting! See you at my place! Lots of love, Ben x

The Ben’s Bees Honey House
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