Any of you that know me know, I love a good yarn! Whether it’s in my suburban street, down at the farmers market, rescuing an unruly bee colony, on stage at an apiary conference, or just at the dinner table, I am full of ideas about this, that and the other thing. One the of the best aspects of my job is getting out and about with local people, sharing the knowledge I have about bees, the environment, produce, gardening and healthy living. Therefore, it might not surprise you that the idea of starting a podcast has been bubbling away for some time, and this week I am super-duper happy to announce that I have gone live on the radio (well, podcast) waves, to bring you BEES WITH BEN– a podcast of stories, tips, and expertise about bees, food, the environment and good living.

With years of experience getting on my soapbox, I feel pretty fit for the world of podcasting! I have been a representative at local and international conferences. I have appeared on popular TV and radio programs (including The Project, ABC radio, Network Ten News, and Channel Nine’s reality show, Dream Job). I have launched educational programs at schools and community spaces. I have travelled just to spend time with other beekeepers and learn their craft. I am also a big chatter box in the Melbourne community, and love to get out and about meeting other keepers and local businesspeople. For all of these reasons, I am beyond excited to bring you BEES WITH BEN – a regular podcast where I interview people from the Ben’s Bees community so that you too can see how brilliant local folks are at getting amazing things done using passion, hard work and will power. Even more exciting is that this podcast will follow me wherever I go, so I am keen in the future to introduce you to my heroes and friends overseas as well.

Check out the BEES WITH BEN podcast via Anchor podcasts where you will find Episode Zero – the first of many – where I say hello and have a chat about myself mainly to get the ball rolling for the many amazing guests I have lined up to chat with you, my bee community. Stay tuned for updates! Happy listening! x

Bees with Ben: A Podcast for Bee Lovers

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