Why Talking Matters; and Why Podcasting Has Won My Heart

Have you ever had something you’ve wanted to pursue for a really long time, something you know suits you, that you will sink right into, something that will somehow open up the world to you? It might sound silly, but starting my own podcast was that very thing for me. For eons friends and family had been telling me, “Ben, you NEED a podcast!”, and I have no doubt that this is because I tend to talk…a lot. I love talking, I love sharing. Any of you that know me in person know that I love getting out there amongst it all, I love people from all over the world, and I really love a good yarn. Podcasts are a brilliant medium to share a unique perspective and start a collection of conversations that can be revisited at any time, just by clicking a button. For all the aforementioned reasons, starting the BEES WITH BEN podcast has been a dream come true – finally I have my own space on the digital air waves to share my favourite people with the whole wide world and it really does feel incredible!

So, for any of you have not checked in on my new project, take a listen! So far I have chatted with Simeon Valkenburg from Valkenburg Apiaries about bee nutrition, and the highlights and challenges of running a commercial beekeeping business in Australia; Manuka King Rob Waddell from Grand Ridge Nursery about the countless benefits of magical Manuka honey, the best way to plant Manuka trees, the ins and outs of running a nursery, and why native plants should hold a special place in all Australian hearts; Nicholas Bishop from the London Honey Company about honey types in London and the UK, in particular heather honey varieties; Manuel Hempel of Vindfløy Bybigård in Bergen, Norway, about the honey cooperative HONNINGCENTRALEN (which translates to Honey Centre); and Milan Wiercx van Rhijn, France, about the incredible organisation, Bees for Development. And with the amazing and hugely talented author of Two Million Blossoms, Kirsten Traynor, coming up this week (eek, the secret is out of the bag!), I couldn’t be more excited to share the Ben’s Bees community with you all!

Talking is vital. More than ever we need to share our stories, to learn from each other, and to understand the issues and experiences we all go through in order to come closer together. I hope the BEES WITH BEN podcast helps show the connections and struggles we all share, brought together by our love of some very special yellow friends. Tune in on https://anchor.fm/ben-the-beeman



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