PODCAST EPISODE 6: Kirsten Traynor from 2 Million Blossoms

I recently declared my love for podcasting. Despite it being an activity that many people told me I would lap up, I had no clue just how good spreading my love of bees, the environment, cooking and healthy living would feel. Having a podcast has meant that I have been able to share some of my dearest bee-related friends with the world, but this week, I am super excited to share the story of an amazing individual who I have not had the benefit of meeting as yet, but am over the moon to welcome to the BEES WITH BEN podcast: Kirsten Traynor from 2 Million Blossoms!

When I came across 2 Million Blossoms website, I was way more than impressed. Based in the United States, 2 Million Blossoms is a website and quarterly publication which aims “to awaken readers to the vast diversity of pollinating insects and animals. To delight, entertain and name those well-adapted creatures buzzing through our world, because the more we know about pollinators, the better we can provide habitat.” Founded by Kirsten, this quarterly magazine features short and long form articles that explore the myriad of ways that bees, birds, butterflies and bats bring life and healing to our planet. As mentioned, the publication will be available in print for your enjoyment, and 2 Million Blossoms also offers a free e-newsletter on their website.

Chatting to Kirsten was a real dream. Incredibly articulate and well-versed on everything bee-related, she describes that – despite following her love of words via an English major at university – she realised that bees where her true passion. This led her to complete a PhD in biology, where she studied the impact of pesticides and varroa on bee colony health. Incredible! She also combined her love of bees with her love of writing when she edited for the American Bee Journal and Bee World. Not to mention, she is also the author of Two Million Blossoms: Discovering the Medicinal Benefits of Honey! These days, Kirsten is the editor and founder of 2 Million Blossoms, and a true force in the bee world, and for all of the amazing reasons mentioned, I am delighted to introduce you to her in Episode 6 where we chat about Kirsten’s publishing projects, the healing properties of honey, varroa mites and the effects of chemicals on bees, especially the queen’s ability to lay eggs. Don’t miss this one! Tune in!


PODCAST EPISODE 6: Kirsten Traynor from 2 Million Blossoms
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