Sundays have a special quality. In summer, it’s that sun-kissed, beachy exhaustion that sets in after many hours in the heat, swimming, finding shade, BBQs, fruits and icy drinks. Winter, however, has its own special quality – while the bees are sleeping, I spend my days dreaming up my next adventures, getting in contact with friends I haven’t had the time to chat to during the busy months, chasing that open-fire smell in the suburbs, and slow cooking from day to night. It’s a special time of year that can take a while to settle into, but I love it dearly; without the rejuvenation winter provides, I don’t think I would have the energy to tackle the warmer months with the gusto that I do.

Sundays also remind me of what is truly important – that slow feeling for living. How it pays (financially, spiritually) to make our meals where we can. Also: to mend things that are broken; to buy quality, not quantity. How it feels so good to use our hands and make things we need, and how that problem-solving and creativity is good for us! This life-altering time has forced us to re-evaluate some of our contemporary consumer habits, which has me thinking: how did we move from a slow, more self-sufficient lifestyle to one that is so fast, so unquestioning, and with a kind of toxic hangover from too much spending and not enough caring? I am sure this lifestyle of ‘progress’ just creeps up, but there is a lot we can do to change and hopefully create a world where slowness becomes more necessary than success, speed and thoughtlessness.

That’s why today I am honouring what is close to home, what is handmade. I am reminiscing about one of my favourite winter activities – making beeswax candles on a Sunday afternoon with my family helping me out, rugged up with music playing as we work. It’s one of the more relaxing tasks at Ben’s Bees – each candle unique in some way, each made with care and love, the glorious warm smell of beeswax filling the house. If you didn’t already know, Ben’ Bees beeswax candles are made using high-quality natural beeswax, have a long burn time, range is shape and size, and emit a subtle earthy fragrance. Also, beeswax candles have been said to neutralise pollutants in the air, making them and extra special addition to your home or a really heartfelt gift. So light up some beeswax candles, keep it simple and natural, and say farewell to the week that has been! Happy Sunday bee lovers!

Beeswax Candles

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