PODCAST EPISODE 28: Sanjay Kafle from Mad Honey, Nepal

As we farewell what has been a completely life-changing year, I am starting to dream again. These final days of 2020 have me envisioning new horizons and perspectives – they remind me of the travel we are yearned and are yearning for and the different ways we have found to find peace and escape in this strange and isolating time. For that reason, it is the perfect timing for this special episode of the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast, where I welcome Sanjay Kafle from Mad Honey in Nepal. From our conversation, I feel as if Sanjay and I have been friends for a lifetime; he is a warm and happy soul, a wonderful beekeeper and someone who illuminates with his stories and his unique and adventurous practice. Chatting to him was an absolute pleasure, and the perfect way to leave 2020 and welcome 2021.

In keeping with this musing on escapism and adventure, Sanjay works with the “honey hunters” who collects and sells what is known as “Mad Honey”. Mad Honey is produced from bees that pollenate the local (and dangerous) rhododendron flower; the result is a red-coloured honey with very special properties! Mad Honey states that their honey “delivers a perfect dose of the mystical grayanotoxins that have been prized by the people of Nepal for thousands of years. Once exclusive to these remote parts of the world, Mad Honey Nepal is bringing this potent, sweet elixir to the planet”. In short, Mad Honey earns its name from these grayanotoxins which, once ingested, have a euphoric, enlightening, psychoactive effect on the mind: “It’s a happy madness, hence the name ‘Mad Honey’”. In large doses, this honey can be hallucinogenic (and of course I warn all listeners and readers to consume this product responsibly); it also has medicinal qualities. When you try Mad Honey, you will enjoy its aromatic quality and beautiful red hue; however, I was a little scared to try too much as… well… it could be a little too good, if you know what I mean! But a spoonful for Ben now and then is a welcome delight.

Tune in to hear Sanjay and I chat about beautiful and wild Nepal, the devastating effect of COVID on the Nepalese tourism industry, being a honey hunter, and, of course, the very special and a little bit mad, Mad Honey! Grab your own jar of Mad Honey at



PODCAST EPISODE 28: Sanjay Kafle from Mad Honey, Nepal

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