Thank you, For the Love of Bees!

At Ben’s Bees we are passionate about everything we do. Passionate about creating wonderful bespoke natural products, passionate about assisting fledgling backyard beekeepers, and passionate about spreading awareness concerning the world’s most important pollinators. A few years back, having built a large following on social media, I decided that this would be a great platform upon which to disseminate information. So, I started researching and compiling blogs, which were matched with appropriate photos. They were pretty basic to begin with, but soon began to encompass all aspects of the realm of bees – and more! Some were bite-sized, easily digestible chunks, and others were more detailed or reflective pieces. Some were purely designed for fun, whereas others became a little technical. One turned into 10; 10 into 20; 20 into 100; and 100 quickly became 200. Pretty soon we had an extensive back catalog, and it was then that the germ of an idea was born. Why not select the best of them and create a book – for the love of bees!

Sounded like a great idea – simple, huh? But if we were going to do it, we had to get it right; in reality this project proved to be a major undertaking and required six months for our small but dedicated team to complete. Finally, the limited print run of For the Love of Bees was released in mid-December 2020. We were delighted with the results, and have been overwhelmed by the reaction of readers, so a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy; you have made it all worthwhile.

We believe we can be justifiably proud of this rather unique publication: For the Love of Bees is the definitive bee book. It’s packed with absorbing information about bees and beekeeping, along with a host of beautiful images, and the odd amusing quote! Discover urban beekeeping, help save the bees, and find out mankind’s novel use for beeswax during the Neolithic Age. Learn how bees can be literally faster than a Ferrari, and become fascinated by their intricate social structure and amazing engineering and navigational capabilities. Delve into the history of apiculture and uncover the incredible language of the bees!

For the Love of Bees comprises more than 230 pages in full colour and makes the perfect gift for anyone with an interest in natural history. There is still time to obtain your copy of this magnificent volume, but stocks are limited so don’t delay. And for those of you who already have a copy, thanks again!

Ultimately, it is our hope that this book will help promote awareness of bees and beekeeping, and perhaps convey a little of the sense of wonder and passion that we feel. For the Love of Bees has been a labour of love for us, and we have loved bringing it to you all!

For The Love Of Bees

Thank you, For the Love of Bees!

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