Bee Watching Your Way to Higher Consciousness

Watching bees is the perfect way humans can connect with a greater consciousness, practice mindfulness and add years to their life. I recently came across this little (yet profound) image on the Internet, and while I can’t provide you the scientific evidence to back up this claim, I feel it to be true from the bottom of my heart. “Bee watching” is a secretly miraculous meditation. As bees dance from flower to flower, absorbing the sun and distributing pollen along the way, they emit a healing frequency that reverses disease and promotes soul and emotional restoration.” As someone who has spent more years of his life watching bees than years without, I can vouch for the relaxing and meditative effect of watching these miraculous creatures go about their lifesaving, world-changing business.

Connecting to consciousness is a big thing, and although I am still coming to terms with the idea that there are forces greater than ourselves, nature shows me each and every day that this is in fact true. Religion and other human-cultivated spiritual belief systems aside, a belief in nature—which is something I hope everyone cultivates during their lifetime—can teach us how to act with goodness; provide lessons in respect and humility; show us the natural cycle of all things and help us to feel at peace in our own journey; and encourage us to embrace flow, resist greed and realise that true beauty exists in all creatures, plants, elements, and people.

Another thing I know is that beekeepers DO seem to have long and happy lives, and as this little picture I found suggests, this could be due to the meditative effect of watching bees rejuvenating humans on a cellular level! Miraculous. Although I don’t claim to have the answers, from my personal experience as a beekeeper and as someone who spends most of the time with other keepers, I can say that being with bees, being aware of their processes, and helping them to do their job leads to a lot of bee-watching, which, in turn, equates to much meditation! Being in nature and understanding how this small but mighty insect impacts on the whole ecosystem is surely also a huge dose of therapy for those of us feeling overwhelmed by this modern life.

So, when you are feeling anxious or lost, when you need to calm your soul and tune into the bigger picture, go out into the garden or to your local park or bushland and walk about until you find some yellow bee friends. Watching them carry out their world-saving business is a balm for us humans who are often unsure of exactly what we should be doing or how or for what reason. While the mere buzzing about is therapeutic, there is also much guidance in watching a creature who despite being small knows that every tiny good deed makes the world a better place.

Bee Watching

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