PODCAST EPISODE 58: Daniel Wood from Monsons Honey and Pollination, Mildura, Australia

It’s amazing where life takes you if you let it. Originally from Blackpool in the UK, Daniel Wood did not expect to fall into the profession of beekeeping when he came to Australia almost 11 years ago. Coming from an army background, it was romance that led Daniel to bees— when he met one of beekeeper Trevor Monson’s daughters Shiree, he fell in love, and he also fell into the family business! These days, Daniel is a very happy and skilled beekeeper, having worked for Trevor’s business Monsons Honey and Pollination for 7 years, helping with pollination, including the hectic annual 3-week event where Trevor and his family and staff coordinate approximately 120,000 hives around the state to help pollinate almond orchards. Daniel also spends a lot of time breeding queens for the company, with an aim of breeding 160 queens every 2 weeks!

Based in Mildura—a regional city in northwest Victoria, Australia, on the banks of the Murray River— Monsons Honey and Pollination are noted as being one if not the leading pollination specialist and provider of pollination services in Australia. This is due to the businesses many years of experience, research and their development of practical and innovative solutions that can maximise crop quality. It is the Monson’s deep knowledge of bees, and their passion for pollination, that makes Monsons Honey and Pollination such a reliable provider of bee-related services in Australia. Trevor, Daniel’s father-in-law and the co-founder of Monsons Honey and Pollination, is much sought after by government and consultants for trees and plants, such as almonds, apples, pears, stone fruits, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, avocados, vegetables, melons and seed crops— why? Because of these crops rely on the magic of bees to be pollinated. Together with his wife Carolyn, their children, nephew Reece, and son in law Daniel, Monsons Honey and Pollination have taken pollination services to a new level of excellence.

Tune in to hear Daniel and I chat about moving to Australia from the UK, falling into beekeeping, and learning about pollination through the family business.


PODCAST EPISODE 58: Daniel Wood from Monsons Honey and Pollination, Mildura, Australia

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