Nucleus Hives. Nucleus hives are also available on a seasonal basis. Basically, nucleus hives (or ‘nucs’ as they are commonly known) are small colonies of bees that are created, or split off, from larger colonies. The name is derived from the fact that a nucleus hive is centred upon a queen.


My nuc hives are based on Langstroth dimensions – the most popular size in the world. Five frames make up the nuc; one is full of honey, while three frames are covered with bees (about 2,500 in total), brood (larvae), eggs and pollen. The fifth frame is brand new, with a natural wax foundation.

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For those that don’t have time to assemble and paint their bee hives I can solve that problem for you!

Assembled, wax dipped and painted lids $45-ea

Assembled, wax dipped and painted supers $49.95ea

Assembled, wax dipped and painted bases with risers and cleats $45ea

Assembled, wired frames with wax foundation $10 ea

All are 8 frame Langstroth dimensions. Wax dipping means each component has been wax dipped for 10 minutes @ 160.c This method helps preserve the wood inside and out and painting just gives it extra protection. Freight may be available Australia wide but remember it will be expensive due to the weight. Any enquires please email Ben.

This allows for expansion of the colony and better ventilation in the warmer weather. The frames are protected within a hive that features a unique corflute design. It is fully weatherproof, with vents for air exchange and a gate that allows the bees to enter and leave, and which can be closed so that the bees are safely locked inside. There is no urgency upon purchase to transfer the bees out of this nuc into a bigger hive, however I do recommend that this is done within four weeks.

This makes the transition far easier and smoother for both the beekeeper and bees alike. Using a traditional design, bees must be transferred from the nuc hive as soon as possible, at a time when they are rather angry from being locked up and transported. A care sheet is provided with all my nuc hives. Various subspecies of the honey bee are available from time to time, with Caucasian, Italian and Carniolan being the most common. If you are interested in purchasing a nuc from me please forward me an email. I will reply at the earliest convenience, but please be patient as I always have a waiting list for nuc hives. bee hives for saleNew Bee Hives For Sale.

Please note by appointment only. 

I am also offering a complete, traditional Langstroth beekeeping package.
This comes with everything to get started in the wonderful world of beekeeping. Included is a healthy 5 frame nucleus hive of bees in their own transportable corflute, reusable hive. A brand new wax dipped and painted double 8 frame kit with 11 pure beeswax frames to complete the hive when it establishes. An Australian made quality Beeco smoker and J style hive tool will allow you to open the hive equipped with a full size protective suit and gloves of the size you require.



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