Bee Removal Melbourne

Need bees removed quickly and safely? Ben’s Bees offers bee removal within 24 hours. No bee left bee-hind. See our 5-star reviews!

Bee Removal In Melbourne

At Ben’s Bees, we’re the experts in professional bee removals in Melbourne and country Victoria.

Where possible, we remove and relocate bees. With three decades of experience and a 24-hour service, you can rely on us to quickly remove swarms of bees, without leaving any bee-hind.

Ten thousand bee removals

10,000+ Bee Removals

We could do bee removals in our sleep! Thanks to the team at Ben’s Bees, more than 10,000 bee swarms were safely and quickly removed within 24 hours.

No kill bee removal

We Care About Bees

Ben’s Bees make every effort to save and relocate bees rather than just killing them. Choose what’s best for bees by choosing Ben’s Bees.

Ben Moore

30 Years Experience

Ben Moore, owner of Ben’s Bees, has three decades of experience, which means highly skilled removal. Our team makes sure no bees are left behind.

Where Can You Remove Bees From?

It’s common for bees to swarm, especially in the spring and summer when they are at their most active. If their hive is getting too cramped or if the queen is stressed, she’ll leave with half the hive to find a new home. They can end up in some strange places, especially around homes.

No matter if you need residential bee removal or commercial bee removal, we’ve seen it all. A few places we’ve removed bees from include government buildings, traffic lights, inside a guinea pig hutch, cars, inside trees, compost bins, trolleys, letterboxes, inside walls, bicycle wheels – you name it!

Is There A Cost?

Yes, we charge a fee for attending bee removals. The fee covers our time (at the busiest time of our very seasonal industry!), as well as fuel, equipment, materials and professional skills.

Inexperienced removals leave bees behind – and unfortunately, these bees will die. Especially when you have a complex removal, you need someone who knows what they’re doing.

You can read more about charging for bee removal in our article, Why Do Beekeepers Charge For Bee Removal?

Don’t leave bee removals to chance. Ben’s Bees will quickly, professionally and safely take care of bee swarms, so you don’t have to worry.

Bee Removal Testimonials

See our Google reviews, where hundreds of customers rate Ben’s Bees with a bee-autiful 5-star review! Our Facebook reviews from our customers rate us at 4.9 stars.

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