Ben’s Bees Gourmet Honey

Yes, I think about food a lot. As an ex-chef, I don’t skimp on meals, and I revel in spending Sundays and many an evening preparing delicious meals for my family to enjoy.

Honey in a jar next to cocoa, cherry and vanilla

What I love about Australian cuisine is that it’s bold. It takes chances. It borrows from so many places. It requires fresh ingredients and is best when made using natural, locally sourced produce.

It changes, too, around the country with the climate. It’s great eaten outdoors, or inside by a fire in winter. It’s diverse and playful, and luckily for me, Melbourne hosts some of the country’s finest cooks, eateries and food suppliers.

And so, when I decided to use some very special ingredients and make a series of gourmet variations of my classic honey blend, I had the contrasts and nuances of Australian cooking in mind. With more varieties on the way soon, here are some favourite blends I have available online now.

Ben’s Bees Black Truffle Honey highlights the luxurious magic of truffles. Prized since antiquity for its distinctive flavour, the truffle was once thought to be the product of thunder and rain!

Australian truffles can be found prospering in the cold and fertile soils of Tasmania. Spicy, savoury and sweet at the same time, their mysterious, pungent yet refined flavour combines perfectly with the floral accents of fine organic honey to completely overwhelm the senses.

Truffle honey’s savoury earthiness is delicious with cured meats, all types of cheese, and crusty bread, or for basting meats and poultry. Drizzling over your cheese plate will send your taste buds to a new level!

Ben’s Bees Vanilla Bean Honey incorporates the delicate smoothness of vanilla. While the Aztecs once flavoured their chocolate with vanilla, its subtle, complex notes are now used universally to enhance innumerable dishes and recipes.

Serendipitously, the vanilla orchid is wholly reliant upon a single species of bee for pollination, so what could be more natural than fine organic honey complemented by premium vanilla that has been grown in the pristine Daintree Rainforest? They’re meant to go together! I love a small dollop of this blend in tea or coffee, added into cake and pastry recipes, or drizzled over and ice-cream. A true delicacy.

Last but not least, the true local blend—Ben’s Bees ‘Double’ Macadamia Honey. As Australian as “G’day mate!”, macadamia nuts have gained favour all over the world for their unique creamy taste and texture. Honey produced from the nectar of macadamia flowers also possesses a distinctive nutty flavour, with beautiful floral overtones.

This singular blend of superior macadamia honey and select whole macadamia nuts is the new signature taste of Australia! Macadamia honey also has many uses: drizzled over fine cheeses will add an extra nutty complexity or in a stuffing for poultry will please any house guest at dinner time. A few dollops on Bircher muesli will give the Swiss dish an authentic Australian feel.

What’s better, these varieties can be purchased individually or as the perfect gift in a convenient pack of three smaller jars, wrapped up in a unique canvas bag for AUD $49.95.

Just when you thought Ben’s Bees organic honey couldn’t get any better!

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