COVID19 Face Masks

I would bet a small fortune that I am not the only one waking up every morning and hooking straight into my favourite local Australian…

I would bet a small fortune that I am not the only one waking up every morning and hooking straight into my favourite local Australian newsfeed to see what the developments for COVID-19 have been overnight. Melbourne has been hit badly, and it’s devastating and scaring all of us. And while that daily infection rate seems to be on the down (fingers crossed!), figures are still high, and we all have to do everything we can to stop this nasty virus in its tracks. I don’t know about you, but for me the idea of wearing a face mask has been pretty unappealing. But I guess like everything to do with this virus, we have really had to take each day and challenge as they have come and learn to adapt as best we can to help ourselves and our communities, both locally and globally. Daniel Andrews’ address this morning has made the wearing of masks mandatory in Melbourne and Mitchell shires as of midnight on Wednesday – for those who don’t follow the health rule, a $200 fine will ensue. So, no matter how you feel about it, this is a small change we can make to help this battle. People have been wearing masks all over the world for some months now, so perhaps we are late to the party? Even me, with my previous irritations at the idea, is happy about the change! When I don my face mask in the morning, I remind myself that this is helping Australians beat COVID-19 one small but necessary measure at a time. This virus has been a huge and devastating challenge, but it is going to teach us many things and one of those is that, in times of crisis, we all have to band together, be practical, help one another and do whatever it takes chip in. I feel myself changing every day of this pandemic. Do you?

So, even though we are all about keeping things natural here and letting your radiance shine out to the world in every way you can, a face mask doesn’t need to stop you. By now, many of you will have seen that there many ways to turn the face mask fiasco into a fashion statement! Whether that’s the original blue medical mask, the ‘Melbourne’ all-black look, sourcing your mask from an amazing charity, or a unique mask hand made in your favourite fabric, let’s embrace the mask in whatever way we can. Hmmmm… which has me thinking, maybe I need a bee-inspired mask for myself to get me through this next little while! Yellow and black stripes, here I come! Stay safe and happy and know that this too shall pass. The important thing is what we do with the challenge. Love Ben x

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