Look After Each Other

Mental health is so important. As a community, we can help one another overcome isolation and suffering.

A father embracing his older son with a big hug

Australia is a wild country.

You only have to look at this cracking photo my dad took in Central Australia in 1974 to see just how wild! Poor emu!

Severed emu leg caught up in a fence in the outback

There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think about the effect of Australia’s remoteness on our outlook on life – there is great beauty and great insight in those expansive skies, red sands, open beaches, forests, and the long drives that connect them.

There is deep and ancient wisdom in this land too, something the Indigenous peoples of this country have known for some 80,000 years.

But at times, remoteness can be a harsh reality – it can feel isolating and it can feel lonely. With lower levels of mental health being a very real issue in Australia’s remote parts, let’s reflect on why it’s important to check in on your friends and your colleagues; farmers and those working on the land are especially at risk, suffering high rates of stress and depression.

So, on tough days – and we all have them – remember to reach out, share your feelings, and take a load off your mind. Don’t suffer in silence, let’s make Australian mental health a community issue!

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