PODCAST EPISODE 24: Ben the Busy Bee says “hi” and “goodbye” – but only for six weeks!

PODCAST EPISODE 24: Ben the Busy Bee says “hi” and “goodbye” – but only for six weeks! For beekeepers, the annual cycle of work and…

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PODCAST EPISODE 24: Ben the Busy Bee says “hi” and “goodbye” – but only for six weeks!

For beekeepers, the annual cycle of work and rest is a rollercoaster. As bees rug up and hibernate for the winter, beekeepers wait around, twiddling their thumbs, dreaming of bees, painting bee boxes, and drinking long cups of tea doused in their favourite honey. To be honest, the cooler months of the year can be quite excruciating! And then, FINALLY, the first blooms of spring peek out into the world, the first rays of sunshine meander down between the branches of the trees above, and “bijingo”, there you have it, bees as far as the eye can see! That’s right, bee lovers, the bees are well and truly back in Melbourne and Victoria and (you guessed it) I’m happy as a bee could be! Being reunited with my colonies and those of others has me grinning ear to ear. However, it also has me well and truly run off my feet with work! That is why I bring you none other than myself to episode 24 of the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast to wish you a monetary goodbye from the airwaves.

“What?” you ask, “Not, the podcast? Don’t tell me there are no more chats with world-class beekeepers and lovers?!”

Fear not, the podcast is well and truly here to stay – in fact, it’s so popular that I am constantly receiving requests and queries about what’s up next, and how people can get involved. I absolutely love having a platform to introduce the Ben’s Bees community to bee-related professionals from near and far; it’s a true delight, and one I can’t wait to get back to! However, right now, I am flat out rehoming swarms around Melbourne; helping bees pollinate orchards like blueberries, raspberries and pears; mentoring beekeepers; stocking the online store; and getting bees ready for their new owners (believe me, the backyard in full of ‘nucs’ for people to collect when the time is right).

So, while I get to work keeping Victoria’s bees happy and healthy, my mind will be ticking away with new ideas and guests for the podcast when I return to your airwaves in six weeks’ time. So, who can you look forward to meeting when I return, you ask? Some special guests include Ian Steppler from A Canadian Beekeeper blog and YouTube channel and Trevor Monson from WA who helps coordinate the biggest movement of bees in Australia! Also – in case I wasn’t busy enough – get set for me to launch my first ever book (!!!), just in time for Christmas (more on that soon). While I say ciao for now to the BEES WITH BEN podcast, check-in on my social media and blog for busy-Ben updates over the next six weeks! Love Ben x





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