5 Frame Nucleus Hives


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Nucleus Hives. Nucleus hives are also available on a seasonal basis. Basically, nucleus hives (or ‘nucs’ as they are commonly known) are small colonies of bees that are created, or split off, from larger colonies. The name is derived from the fact that a nucleus hive is centred upon a queen.

The 5 frame nucleus hives come in corflute box thats very secure and safe to transport inside your car.

A very easy way to start off with bees, take them home and put then into position and open them up to let them out. They are best left like this for a week or 2 then its an easy process to transfer them into the bigger hive. No stress for you or the bees.

A care sheet is given when the bees are picked up.

Please email me with enquiries.


  • $50 cash back on return of wooden nuc box



5 Frame Nucleus Hives


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