Ben’s Bees Deluxe Hamper


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Our boutique hampers are packed with healthy, natural products that your anyone will cherish: premium, raw organic honey; candles made from pure, ethically-produced beeswax that actually help purify the air; and a handmade tea towel from the finest cotton fabric. All of our products are manufactured in Australia by a small, family-owned business.

Anna Jarvis believed that a mother would do ‘more for you than anyone in the world’. Pamper the most important person in your world with a fine, hand-crafted hamper.

Each Hamper contains:

500 grams local raw honey

240 grams gold leaf honey

Hand made tea towel

2 skep bee hive candles

6 tea light beeswax candles

Diamond pattern pure beeswax candle

Fern Motif beeswax candle

200 grams pure honeycomb

Due to seasons some products may vary.

Ben’s Bees Deluxe Hamper


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