Mountain Gold Manuka Honey MGO 535+ 250g


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Mountain Gold Manuka Honey. 535+ Rating, this is one of the highest medicinal ratings in Manuka.

250 Gram tub.


Pure Manuka magic.

Pure, enigmatic, magical. The story behind Manuka honey is just as intriguing as the properties of this amazing elixir.

Was Captain James Cook amongst the first to unlock the secrets of the Manuka tree when he prepared a calming brew from its leaves on his epic journey of discovery to the Antipodes? Famed for its antibacterial qualities, Manuka honey also contains antioxidants that can boost vitality and immunity, and has become established as a medicinal food. It is unique in containing high concentrations of dietary methylglyoxal (MGO), the active ingredient which is responsible for conferring its remarkable attributes.

But our Manuka honey has a fascinating tale all of its own. Commercial beekeepers are often stereotyped as older men in their 50s and 60s, with receding hairlines and hands that are cracked and blistered. This Manuka honey is produced by Debbie Keil, a vibrant young woman whose naturally strong disposition saw her as a nutritionist and rise through the ranks of the police force before discovering a passion for beekeeping. As quite possibly New Zealand’s only female commercial apiarist, Debbie brings a singular perspective to her work, crafting a honey that is without peer. Her bees forage in pristine conditions on expanses of uncultivated Manuka trees nestled at the base of the Tararua Ranges in New Zealand’s North Island. This protected native forest adjoins the Pukaha Mount Bruce reserve – an important conservation area – and is fed by the headwaters of the Ruamahanga River, which provides crystal-clear mountain water.

This pure Manuka honey contains a methylglyoxal factor of 535+ antibacterial activity, and has been laboratory tested and certified in New Zealand. We can guarantee the authenticity of our product, because it is brought to you as a result of a direct partnership between small local businesses in Australia and New Zealand – unlike much of the honey available from larger companies that originates from a variety of different sources. Like Debbie, we have a genuine love for our bees, and this translates into a quality product that we are immensely proud to share with you. An extraordinary Manuka honey from ‘the land of the long white cloud’.

Like Australia, New Zealand has some of the cleanest and pure conditions in the world. Nestled at the base of the Tararua Ranges in New Zealand North Island, the bees forage on expanses of uncultivated Manuka Trees. Surrounded by Native forest from the mountain ranges and Pukaha Mount Bruce Conservation Reserve. The Ruamahunga river runs from the ranges and through our land providing fresh mountain water for the bees.


‘We can guarantee the authenticity of this product because we produced it ourselves. Unlike the bigger NZ companies who buy a lot of their honey from many different honey producers. We have a genuine love for our bees and this transfers to a quality product that we can present to you with immense pride. We know we produce an amazing product. One that we want to share with others. ‘


Contains methylglyoxal 535+ antibacterial activity. Laboratory certified and tested in NZ.

Methylglyoxal (MG( is one of the key components naturally occurring in New Zealand Manuka Honey. It is found in high levels in Manuka Honey (at least 50mg/kg) but in only low levels in other honeys (only 0-5 mg/kg).

Mountain Gold Manuka Honey MGO 535+ 250g


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