Ben’s Bees Manuka Honey Hand Cream 125g



Ben’s Bees Manuka Honey Hand Cream 125g

Hardworking hands need TLC!

Ever since I can remember, I have worked with my hands. You see, even as a kid I wasn’t really into school classrooms and sitting still inside. I wasn’t the type that wanted to listen for long periods of time, I became fidgety. The idea of studying without a very tangible, practical outcome or focus was never something that I could get into. As I have grown, I have calmed somewhat, and I love spending hours reading and writing each night about my number one passion: bees. But the core of my job will always be practical and hands-on, and this carries through to everything I do in my life.

My daily routine is demanding. I try to get to sleep pretty early each night because I know that tomorrow will be full of practical and often unexpected tasks that require lots of energy. And as a professional beekeeper and bee removalist, I experience all kinds of crazy environments, pollutants, weather, dirt, grime, and the occasional bee sting! This hard yakka can wreak havoc on my skin, especially my hands. And so, since I have observed similar skin concerns among many Australians who love the outdoors and often put their body through the paces, I decided to make a product that could give hard-working hands some well-earned relief.

Ben’s Bees Manuka Honey Hand Moisturiser is a rich but light moisturising balm made especially to soothe, protect and rejuvenate tired hands. It is suitable for use as an intense dry hand treatment or on a daily basis, to bring your hands back to life after a hard day’s work. Chemicals, medical conditions, age, pollutants, household cleaners, dirt, weather and other environmental irritants all cause havoc on our skin, and with the winter months fast approaching, the effect of cold weather only adds to this list—at this time, a lack of moisture in the air can cause hands to dry, crack and flake.

Ben’s Bees Manuka Honey Hand Moisturiser contains sunflower oil, which has a healthy Vitamin E content, rich shea butter and beeswax. This formula is designed by me, to help moisturise and protect your skin, leaving the skin feeling soft throughout the day. The unique addition of manuka honey adds sweetness, and an antibacterial and antioxidant quality to this moisturiser, helping heal wounds and fight off free radicals. Ben’s Bees Manuka Honey Hand Moisturiser can be applied throughout the day or at night before bed to help relieve the symptoms of a hard yakka. Whether you work around the home, in the garden, on a worksite, out in nature or experiencing the many environmental irritants found in the city, my moisturiser will give your hands the TLC they have been craving.


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