For The Love Of Bees – A Book By Ben Moore



Comprising more than 200 full-colour pages and complemented with beautiful photography, For the Love of Bees is the result of years of experience and research.

Covering every conceivable aspect of bees and beekeeping, this labour of love is bursting with amazing facts, figures and intriguing information – you won’t be able to put it down!

Honey bees have evolved a complex social system and, in the construction of their nests, have scaled the heights of engineering perfection.

They produce a natural sweetener that keeps forever, plus an incredible ‘superfood’ with magical properties and a utilitarian substance – beeswax – that is almost unparalleled in its versatility.

Constrained by a brain the size of a sesame seed, these enigmatic insects can nonetheless perform the complex calculations necessary to navigate unerringly to a food source – the coordinates are communicated to the colony using the only known abstract language not invented by humans.

Honey bees are armed with a battery of sensory equipment capable of detecting temperature, humidity, wind speed, chemical signatures and polarized light, as well as magnetic and gravitational forces, and have also acquired the ability to see ultraviolet light. As essential pollinators, they are vital for the continued integrity of the floral landscape and, by extension, for the very survival of the human race.

Blessed with an enquiring mind thirsting for unusual facts and figures, together with an ‘organic’ philosophy that embraces anything homemade or bespoke, Ben Moore also possesses an innate regard for the merits of determined labour and exudes boundless enthusiasm. It seems almost inevitable therefore that he was destined to be drawn to bees and beekeeping. For the Love of Bees is a tribute to one man’s voyage of discovery, fuelled by a desire to give back something to his chosen calling, and to promote awareness of bees and beekeeping, and a lifestyle more attuned with the natural world. It is packed with fascinating information and imbued with a shared sense of wonder, which emanates from every page.’



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