Ben’s Bees Gourmet Honey Hamper


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Four gourmet jars of honey, nestled in a cane hamper with two wooden honey dippers.

  • 240g Black Truffled Honey
  • 240g Vanilla Bean Honey
  • 240g Gold Leaf Honey
  • 240g Macadamia Honey
‘Double’ Macadamia Honey
As Australian as ‘G’day!’ macadamia nuts have gained favour the world over due to their unique creamy taste and texture. Honey produced from the nectar of macadamia flowers also possesses a distinctive nutty flavour, with beautiful floral overtones. This singular blend of superior macadamia honey and select whole macadamia nuts is the new signature taste of Australia!

Gold Leaf Honey

Gold fever first gripped Victoria during the 1850s with the discovery of the richest alluvial goldfield in the world.

Today, Gold is produced in Melbourne, as an exclusive combination of the finest organic honey and authentic 24 carat Gold leaf. Beautiful, unique and delicious, Gold leaf honey is the most precious ingredient in your pantry. Share in the excitement of discovering pure gold!

Black Truffle Honey

Prized since antiquity, black truffles were once thought to be the product of lightning, or thunder and rain, and are now prospering in the cold soils of Tasmania. Spicy, savoury and sweet at the same time, their mysterious, pungent yet refined flavour combines perfectly with the floral accents of fine honey to completely overwhelm the senses. Pure organic honey infused with some real black magic!

Vanilla Bean Honey
The Aztecs once flavoured their chocolate with vanilla; its subtle, complex notes are now used universally to enhance the flavour of numerous other substances. The vanilla orchid is wholly reliant upon a single species of bee for pollination, so what could be more natural than fine organic honey complemented by premium vanilla, grown in the pristine Daintree Rainforest? They’re meant to go together!


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