Ben’s Bees Honey Bomboniere or Bomboniera



French, Bomboniere.

Italian, Bomboniera.

Little gifts.

Honey sample jars.

(available with or without my stickers)

120 grams of pure & raw natural, local honey.

‘Bomboniere’ – these beautiful words translate to little gifts or “favours”, and are gifts given by hosts to their guests on special occasions such as weddings, baby showers, bar and bat mitzvahs, baptism,  confirmation, or parties of any kind.

Mostly used at weddings, a honey Bomboniere is the perfect luxurious thank you gift. They are usually left on the table for the guests to take home with them at the end of the evening or sometimes the bride and groom will visit each table and give them out personally.

They can also be a sweet little take-home gift after a baby shower, or christening, to thank the guests for coming.

Custom orders are welcome, and I can help create the perfect little gift for your special day.

Whether it’s a small event of 25 people or a wedding of 250, I can work with you to create a Bomboniere that will suit your event perfectly and add a personal touch.

Have you ever been to an Australian wedding, and wondered what the cute little gifts left for guests are called? They are Bomboniere! Historically, they are thought to date back to early times in Europe, when aristocratic families would gift boxes filled with different treats or sugar as a gesture of appreciation and thanks. This was because sweets and desserts were considered luxurious in these times, and out of the price range of many; therefore, not only was this a nice memento for their guests, but it was also a reminder of the gifting family’s social status.

Now, the very typical Bomboniere that probably comes to mind is sugared almonds. Different colours for different occasions, the Italian sugared almond would often come wrapped in a sweet little handmade bag with dried or paper flowers attached. However, since then, Bomboniere has taken on many new forms, including the more recent Torta Bomboniera: a huge tiered ‘favour cake’ made up of many tiny boxes containing almonds and a memento date card for the event.

And these gifts are not just for weddings either; they are for a variety of events, such as birthdays, baby showers, engagements and christenings. In other words, Bomboniere are the party bag for adults! And even better, Bomboniere no longer signifies any social standing. Instead, they just have one, very important purpose: to spread love, appreciation and good fortune! What’s not to like about Bomboniere!

In my day, I have seen an array of Bomboniere gifts, from the well-known sugar-coated almonds in tiny bags to wishbones, lotions, potions, wine bottle stoppers, picture frames, and even tiny plants! And even though all these are lovely gestures, it got me thinking: what would be the very best gift I could receive at a wedding that was practical, delicious, reflect Australian culture, and is small enough to put in my suit pocket? Tiny jars of Ben’s Bees honey of course! This pack of tiny 120 ml sample jars are full of local honey and is available with or without the Ben’s Bees logo.

Whether it’s a small event of 25 people or a wedding of 250, I can work with you to create a Bomboniere that will suit your event perfectly, and be a personal ‘thank you’ to your guests. Bring the bees and a love of local produce to your next special event with some Ben’s Bees Bomboniere!


Honey Bomboniere


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