Ben’s Bees Double Macadamia Honey 240g



Double Macadamia Honey 240g

As Australian as ‘G’day!’ macadamia nuts have gained favour the world over due to their unique creamy taste and texture. Honey produced from the nectar of macadamia flowers also possesses a distinctive nutty flavour, with beautiful floral overtones.

This singular blend of superior macadamia honey and select whole macadamia nuts is the new signature taste of Australia!

Macadamia honey has many uses, drizzled over fine cheeses will add an extra nutty complexity. Use in a stuffing for poultry or red meats will sure to please any house guest at dinner time. A few dollops on bircher muesli will give the Swiss dish an authentic Australian feel. There is no end to the uses for macadamia honey!


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