Bee & Swarm Removal

Swarm Removal in Melbourne and Victoria It’s not an uncommon story. You’ve pulled into your driveway in Melbourne or country Victoria, and noticed a mass of bees in a cluster the size of a football. Although this can look like

Beehive Pollination Service

There are nearly 20,000 species of bees in the world and they are found on every continent except Antarctica. The best-known species of bee is the European honey bee (Apis mellifera). Commonly referred to as simply the ‘honey bee’, this

European Wasp Removal

European Wasp Removal in Melbourne and Victoria European wasps are one of Australia’s most disliked insects and for good reason. As the warmer climate extends the life cycle of the introduced species, and a lack of predators increases its chance

Keeping Bees Melbourne

Keeping Bees

Bees are fascinating little invertebrates. Many philosophers have stated that they are the perfect living organisms – only contributing to nature and not damaging her in any way. Keeping bees is an incredibly rewarding hobby, whether it’s for the sweet

Honey For Sale

Honey For Sale: The Benefits of Ben’s Bees Raw Honey Try our Honey – Buy Honey Online  Are you tired of buying unethical food products from big businesses in Australia? Do you love supporting local Melbourne businesses, and eating produce

Bee Hives For Sale

Nucleus Hives. Nucleus hives are also available on a seasonal basis. Basically, nucleus hives (or ‘nucs’ as they are commonly known) are small colonies of bees that are created, or split off, from larger colonies. The name is derived from


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Ben’s Bees Expert Interview on The Project

A must watch video of killing a European wasp nest.

What our Client Says

I am so happy that I can buy local organic honey that tastes GREAT! Thanks To Ben I can again taste beautiful natural honey that I had been missing since moving to Melbourne from the country.

Shannon Mclean

Ben has been incredibly helpful whenever I have contacted him. He knows what he needs to do and goes about it calmly and efficiently which is great for the bees the people around. Thanks for your help Ben

Geoff Bond

Ben supplied us with an entire hive of calm bees along with all of the other equipment we needed. The bees settled in so well and because of Ben's preparation and handling they have adjusted quickly to life in a small inner city backyard. Ben is also teaching us the finer points of bee keeping and handling and is never too busy to respond to questions by text or phone or come by to help in person when needed. Very happy to recommend him for all bee issues - and very glad we have been introduced to the world of bees by him!

Francesca Chettle
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