Mated Queen Bees For Sale

Ben’s Bees has healthy, young and mated queen bees for sale. Express shipping from Melbourne to most Australian states.

Buy Queen Bees From Ben’s Bees

Need to buy a queen bee for your hive? Ben’s Bees can supply young, Italian, mated queen bees with a life span of around 4 years. We can safely express ship bees to most Australian states, excluding Western Australia and Tasmania.

Queen bees sold

6,000+ Queen Bees Sold

When Aussie beekeepers need a queen bee, they come to Ben’s Bees.

Queen bees mated

Guaranteed To Be Mated

All queen bees are mated and ready to start laying in your own beehive.

Italian queen bees for sale

Young Queen Bees

We sell 4-week old Italian queens. Calm, gentle and great egg layers.


After purchasing a mated queen bee, her majesty will arrive via Express Post in a specially designed cage. The cage will contain the mated queen bee with a few escort bees, who will help to keep her calm.

Italian Queen Bee

Italian queen bee for sale


  • 1 x mated queen bee
  • Safely packaged with escort bees
  • Express posted