Host A Hive

Want to host a hive in your yard, farm or school? At Ben’s Bees, you can ‘rent’ one hive or many!

Host A Hive From Ben’s Bees

When you host a hive, you get all the benefits of having bees, without all the hard work! Ben’s Bees ensure your colony is properly looked after with regular inspections – and you’re welcome to watch so you can see what goes on inside the hive! Victoria only.

About Host A Hive

When you Host A Hive, it’s as easy as A, Bee, C! We’ll bring the hives to you and provide all the maintenance – that’s it! No matter what your reasons for wanting a hive, you’ll love our Host A Hive program.

Why Host A Hive?

Want to keep a hive at home or school? Beehives are fascinating to watch and learn about. All you need to do is enjoy your bees and we’ll do all the hands-on work.

Are your fruit trees struggling to produce fruit, or are not producing fruit at all? Having a beehive will increase your productivity tremendously! Insects are responsible for pollinating an estimated 65% of all flowering plants, including most commercial crops.

Bees are by far the most important insect pollinators, with one-third of mankind’s food production being reliant upon these industrious little creatures.

Hives Are Good For The Environment!

Bee populations are currently in decline around the globe, due to a number of serious threats. By keeping a hive at home you are not only assisting the surrounding ecosystem by adding invaluable vectors of pollination; you are also helping to maintain healthy numbers of bees.

Our bees are gentle, calm and not aggressive – they don’t actively seek out people or animals to attack. You’ll enjoy keeping bees without the work!

Get A Quote

Interested in hosting a hive? Send us a message via our form below. Costs for hosting a hive with all included management starts at $750 per year (if located 24km from Blackburn 3130). If you’re further away, please ask for pricing. VICTORIA ONLY.