Host a Hive

Are your fruit trees hardly producing fruit or no fruit at all? Having a bee hive will increase your productivity tremendously!

Insects are responsible for pollinating an estimated 65% of all flowering plants, including most commercial crops. Bees are by far the most important insect pollinators, with one third of mankind’s food production being reliant upon these industrious little creatures. But bee populations are currently in decline around the globe, due to a number of serious threats. By keeping a hive at home you are not only assisting the surrounding ecosystem by adding invaluable vectors of pollination; you are also helping to maintain healthy numbers of bees.

When you host a hive, all the hard work is removed, as we ensure the colony is properly looked after. You are most welcome to join us on regular inspections to see what goes on inside the hive!

Remember that bees produce honey as a source of stored carbohydrates to tide them over winter and periods of drought. However, we are able to harvest some of this precious resource, and as a reward for hosting the hive, you will be gifted with a seven-kilogram bucket of honey every year.

Beekeeping dates back to ancient times. Originally, the bees were a little more aggressive, but the strains we use now are quite placid, so there is no need to locate the hive at the furthermost corner of your property. If your land comprises less than 500m2, you can host a single hive; the larger the area, the more hives can be accommodated.

If you would like to assist the local environment and are interested in hosting a hive, send us an email including your location and any questions you may have. We will provide you with free additional information. Starting costs for hosting a hive are $750 per year if located 24km from Blackburn 3130. Please email me if you are further away for pricing.

If you prefer you can own you very own hive! Complete double story hives are $550 each or if you have your own hive a 5 frame nucleus hive is $350-

I am happy to help with training and can mentor your way into the wonderful world of beekeeping if you prefer to own your own hive.

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