Bees For Sale Melbourne

Looking for bees for sale to establish a hive? We sell healthy, calm bees to help start or grow your colony. Bees available from October to late January.

Bees For Sale At Ben’s Bees

Buying healthy bees from a professional beekeeper is important, or your whole hive can become diseased or decimated.

Ben’s Bees guarantees clean and healthy colonies of bees, and we top it off with top-notch service.

You can trust Ben’s Bees for guaranteed healthy bees in Melbourne and country Victoria.

Pick-up only in Nunawading, Victoria. Delivery is not available.

Over 4,000 bee hives sold

Over 4,000 Hives Sold

When it comes to bees, Ben’s Bees have helped set up over 4,000 new beehives in Victorian homes. We have the experience and the service to help you get started, fast!

Healthy bee hives

Clean & Healthy Hives

We guarantee all hives are clean and healthy. What do we mean by this? Our hives are free from pests like the varroa mite which can decimate beehives. Healthy bees, guaranteed!

Ben Moore

30 Years Experience

Ben’s Bees owner, Ben Moore has three decades of bee experience – he created Ben’s Bees in 2008 which has become a well-known trusted bee brand in Victoria – and Australia.

Establishing a new hive

A bee colony designed to establish a hive is called a nucleus hive (or nuc for short).

It’s a small but complete colony designed to expand. These colonies of bees are created, or split off, from larger colonies.

The name is derived from the fact that the hive is centred around the queen.

Nucleus hives are like a starter culture for yoghurt. They contain all the right ingredients to get your very own beehive colony expanding!

Five individual frames make up the nuc.

One is full of honey, while three frames are covered with bees (about 2,500), brood (larvae), eggs, and pollen.

The fifth frame is brand new, with a natural wax foundation.

What are the best bees to buy for beginners?

Ben’s Bees sells Italian honey bees, which are awesome for beginner beekeepers and a favourite amongst both professional and beginner beekeepers.

The reason Italian honey bees are an excellent choice for beginners is because they’re:

How many bees should a beginner have?

Already have a beehive?

If you already have a beehive, such as a Flow Hive, then a nucleus hive is what you need. Transfer the frames from the nucleus hive into your hive, and you’re good to go.

Want to buy bees as well as a hive?

You’ll be able to buy the ‘Full Package’ which consists of a nucleus hive plus a Langstroth beekeeping package, a bee smoker, a beekeeping suit and a hive tool. The beehive is based on Langstroth dimensions, the most popular size in the world.

Bees For Sale:

Nucleus Hive

Nucleus hive for sale


  • Bee colony including a queen
  • Safe to transport
  • Pick-up from Nunawading
  • $30 cash back on return of the box

Full Package

Full package beehive for sale


  • Everything in the nucleus hive option
  • Langstroth beekeeping package
  • Quality Beeco smoker and hive tool
  • Full-size protective suit and gloves
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