Queen Bees For Sale


Queen bees for sale – healthy, mated Italian queen bees. Italian queen bees are calm, gentle and great egg layers.

Stock arriving the week of the 8th of January 2024.



Queen Bees For Sale


For confirmation, you can text Ben on 0437 077 792.

Why Italian Queen bees?

Italian bees are perfect for beginner beekeepers, as well as experienced beekeepers alike.

Some of the reasons why Italian honey bees are so popular are:

  • Gentle and placid bees
  • Excellent foragers
  • Keep their hive clean
  • High honey production
  • High brood production

We sell 4-week-old Italian queen bees which are guaranteed to be mated. The queen bees come in a transportable cage with a few escort bees, which helps to keep Her Majesty happy and calm.

Pick up in Nunawading or Express posted from Victoria to most Australian states (excluding Tasmania and Western Australia due to regulations).

Can you buy just one queen bee?

Absolutely! You can purchase one queen bee if you have one hive. We can also supply larger numbers of queens if you have multiple hives.

* The queen bees are not permanently marked – the paint will come off in time!


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