Wasp Nest Removal

Need wasp nest removal within 24 hours? We specialise in bee-friendly wasp removal in Melbourne.

Wasp Nest Removal Melbourne

At Ben’s Bees, we’re the experts in safe, effective and bee-friendly wasp nest removal in Melbourne and country Victoria.

With three decades of experience and a 24-hour service, we can quickly remove wasps (including European wasps) and wasp nests, with a formula that will not harm children, pets or bees. Results are guaranteed.

About Wasps

Wasps, especially European wasps, are one of Australia’s most disliked insects – and for good reason. With a lack of predators and a nasty sting, these destructive, introduced pests are a big problem for humans, animals, and the environment.

Is It A Wasp Or A Bee?

We often get calls from customers unsure if they have a bee or a wasp problem.

Bees have robust, rounded bodies with flattened legs to collect pollen. They typically retract their legs so that they’re not visible in flight, whereas wasps do not.

Wasps have cylindrical bodies, with a narrow waist connecting the thorax to the abdomen, and slender legs. They’re sleeker and more streamlined for hunting.

Find out more about the differences in our article about wasps vs bees.

Wasp or bee?

Why Are There So Many Wasps?

Many of us are familiar with the appearance of wasps in the warmer summer months.

A warmer climate extends the life cycle of European wasps, and a lack of predators increases their chance of survival. European wasps have increasingly become a big problem in Victoria.

By reaping the benefits of mild winters that generate longer life cycles, European wasps have been found to build nests four times larger than those found in Europe.

Wasp nest removals in Victoria have kept Ben’s Bees very busy! See the video below where Ben’s Bees was featured in a Channel 10 News segment about the increase in wasps in Victoria. You’ll get to see Ben Moore perform a live wasp nest removal.

An early stage European wasp nest
An early-stage European wasp nest.

Why Remove Wasps Nests?

Aside from their nasty sting, European wasps are a big problem for animals and the environment, which is why professional wasp nest removal is important.

European wasps are known to:

* Prey on indigenous fauna, especially other insects
* Compete for nectar and food
* Remain unthreatened by their usual native predators and pesticides
* Kill pets and even livestock in Victoria
* Raid beehives for honey and bees
* Decimate grape and fruit crops
* Emit a scent that alerts other wasps to attack

A paper wasp nest
A paper wasp nest.

Wasp Nest Removal Testimonials

Ben’s Bees In The Media

Ben’s Bees owner, Ben Moore, was featured on Channel 10 news about the explosion of European wasps in Australia.

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