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  • Beekeeping Suit | Unisex Adult

    Beekeeping Suit | Unisex Adult


    Beekeeping Suit | Unisex Adult We are pleased to offer what is a quality full-size beekeeping suit in the industry. Made from 100% cotton, this suit is one of the coolest, safest suits available on the market. Features elastic cuffs around the wrist and ankles. Ankles are zippered to help easily take the suit on…

  • Bee Keeping Gloves - Sting Resistant

    Beekeeping Gloves | Sting Resistant


    Beekeeping Gloves Our protective beekeeping gloves are a must for beekeepers, whether beginners or experienced. Our ventilated, sting resistant gloves will allow you to manipulate the honey bee beehive without exposing your bare hands to the honey bees. The canvas and pure leather gloves provide multiple protective options to the beekeeper. The sizes available are:…

  • Children's Beekeeping Suit and Gloves

    Children’s Beekeeping Suit and Gloves


    “Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.” This is my favourite all-time quote by Bradley Miller. Teaching our children the craft of beekeeping is critical as we are educating the next generation that will help our beautiful world. Most kids have…