Want to optimise pollination and crop yield? Ben’s Bees offer beehive pollination in Victoria.

Beehive Rental For Pollination

With a large apiary based in Victoria’s beautiful Yarra Valley, Ben’s Bees can pick up and deliver beehives throughout Victoria.

No job is too big or too small – rent out a single hive or as many as 100 hives.

About Beehive Pollination

Not only is the honey bee responsible for producing the sweet honey that we adore for breakfast; but it’s also incredibly important as a vector of pollination.

Pollination is the process where the male sex cells of a plant are transferred from the male organs (the anthers) to the female organs (the stigmas). Both of these structures form part of the flowers. Once fertilisation has taken place, the fruit or seeds can develop and mature.

Some plants have different strategies to achieve pollination. Many types of grass rely on the wind to carry pollen successfully to its destination. However, most fruit and vegetables require pollination by insects.

From a simple vegetable patch to a large orchard, fruits and vegetables are produced as endemic insects go about their business of collecting nectar and transferring pollen. But introduce beehives? This will dramatically increase yield through more effective pollination.

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