Bees With Ben

If you love bees, you’ll love the Bees With Ben podcast, hosted by Ben’s Bees owner, Ben Moore.

A Podcast For Bee Lovers!

Bees With Ben is a must-listen podcast for all bee lovers, no matter where in the world you are!

Ben says: “Anyone who knows me knows I love a good yarn! Whether it’s in my suburban street, down at the farmers market, rescuing an unruly bee colony, on stage at an apiary conference, or just at the dinner table, I am full of ideas about this, that and the other thing. One of the best aspects of my job is getting out and about with local people and sharing my knowledge about bees, the environment, produce, gardening and healthy living.

I am super-duper happy to announce that I have gone live on the radio (well, podcast) waves to bring you Bees With Ben – a podcast of stories, tips, and expertise about bees, food, the environment and good living.”

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Why Our Listeners Love Bees With Ben!

Bees With Ben publishes a new podcast every 1-2 weeks, excluding peak bee time in spring to summer.

Ben loves a good yarn. Combined with his immense passion for bees and the many interesting characters he interviews, Bees With Ben has many raving fans.

Below are just a few of our listener reviews of the Been With Ben podcast.

Ben's Bees podcast

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