Summer Lifesaver: Asian-inspired Honey Dressing 

As most of you know, I was a chef in a past life. I did the hard yards in my teens and twenties, slogging away in kitchens across Victoria. These were some of my hardest days to be very honest, but the kitchen is where I learnt how to grow up; even when I was at my naughtiest, the meditative process of cooking food for people was therapeutic for me. It has been proven that engaging in repetitious processes can calm anxiety! To this day, the kitchen is a space where I relax and feel comfortable. It is somewhere where I rely on my experience, but also my intuition to guide me. It is the place where I go, at the end of a hard day, and just for that hour or so, I forget my troubles and focus on making delicious food for myself and my family. 

I have spent quite a bit of time in my life travelling in Asia – I love the colours and the smells. Today I wanted to share with you a favourite recipe of mine that is fabulous on salads and noodle dishes and the perfect condiment for summer. Of course, it needs the golden magic of honey for that special sweetness that riffs off the tang and saltiness of the dressing’s other ingredients. Of course, all cooking requires a personal touch, so don’t be afraid to play around until you have the perfect combination. I hope this saves your life at many outdoor dinners, picnics and BBQs this silly season. 


3 tablespoons sesame oil 

¼ cup rice wine vinegar 

¼ cup soy sauce 

3 tablespoons fish sauce 

¼ good quality olive oil 

½ clove garlic, finely grated 

2 cm piece of fresh ginger, finely grated 

Juice of one lime 

2 tablespoons locally sourced honey 

Mix all the ingredients with love. Add extra of whatever you please – I love to add finely chopped chilli to my dressing too for extra bite. Mint and/or coriander and some finally chopped spring onions also works a treat! Makes approximately a cup of dressing.
Asian-inspired Honey Dressing

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