So you’ve just pulled into your driveway after a long weekend and you’ve noticed a large number of bees in a cluster the size of a football. Although this can look like a beehive, it’s actually a swarm of bees. Swarming is a natural phenomenon that usually occurs during springtime. It is the method whereby bees reproduce and colonize new territory. Bee removal is dangerous if you are not equipped or know what to do.

In the prime swarm about 60% of the worker bees leave the original hive location with the old queen. This swarm can contain thousands or even tens of thousands of bees. Sometimes these bees will attempt to create a new home in an area that’s not appropriate. Whilst the bees are in a swarm they are fundamentally the easiest to remove. A colony that has made itself a home from something can be quite a task to remove, depending on the entrance and position of the hive.

I am able to collect and remove swarms and beehives in Melbourne without harming or killing the bees. For  bee removal or rescue in Melbourne please don’t hesitate to call me. The European honeybee can only sting once against humans and mammals as there are barbs on their sting’s which come out along with the venom sac. Bees are only defensive when their hive is disrupted or a failed attempt in killing a foraging bee.

If you have discovered a hive of bees coming and going from an entrance I am able to safely extract the bees and transfer them to a Langstroth hive and relocate them. I commonly get call outs where bees have taken up residence in compost bins and large flower pots.

There are many costs involved with removing bees. I can give a free quote over the phone on how much it will cost to remove the bees safely. If you would like the bees safely removed in Melbourne please give me a call on 0437 077 792