Podcast Episode 15: Gladstone Solomon

Tune in to the Bees With Ben podcast episode 15 where I talk to Gladstone Solomon, Beekeeper and Bees for Development Trustee in Tobago.

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Some people have wise and particularly beautiful souls. It is not something that can be quantified; it is just a feeling that you get when you meet them, a kind of radiance that exudes from their being.

I have seen this in bee-people – as generally, humans that love bees are good sorts – they have a connection to the environment and an understanding of the necessity to be at one with nature.

But every now and then a keeper, a bee-lover, comes along and I just feel calm and like I am speaking to someone with important knowledge, which is why I am so excited to introduce you to the lovely Gladstone Solomon for episode 15 of the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast!

I met Gladstone last year at the Apimondia beekeeping conference in Montreal and was struck by his life story and understanding of bees from places I had only dreamed of going to (and hopefully get to visit one day in the not-too-distant future!).

Gladstone is a beekeeper who was born in Trinidad but has lived in Tobago most of his life – a place where honey is more sought after than sugar! He is also a trustee for Bees for Development – a wonderful charity that helps alleviate poverty across the world through beekeeping activities.

This didn’t surprise me at all, as Gladstone’s caring demeanour fit perfectly with his connection to aid and social justice organisations. In Canada, we celebrated Gladstone’s 70th birthday, and it was a real treat! I knew that I had to see him again one day soon, but as my plans for travel have been halted, I thought what better way to stay in touch than to invite him to share his story and knowledge on the podcast!

Tune in to hear more about Gladstone’s personal story as well some really fascinating information on the bees of Trinidad – a notoriously aggressive variety that landed there in 1979 – compared to the more peaceful bee-souls that can be found in Tobago. We also chat about the effect of the weather (wet and dry seasons) on beekeeping in the Caribbean, as well as the devastating impact that varroa destructor had when it landed there in August 2000, wiping out half the colonies on the island!


Listen to the podcast here.

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