Podcast Episode 38: Cindy Moore from Sweet Cindy’s Honey, USA

Tune in to the Bees With Ben podcast episode 38 where I talk to Cindy Moore of Sweet Cindy’s Honey in the United States of America.

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It’s obvious when talking to Cindy Moore from Sweet Cindy’s Honey that bees hold a very special place in her heart. Not only do they provide one of the greatest services on earth by pollinating the crops that we eat, they also bring great love and joy – quite literally for this US-based beekeeper: “I met Charles [Moore] in 2005 at an organic farm where I was working. He was pollinating the farmer’s fruits and vegetables there. He offered me a dollar more an hour to come work for him and I took it. A year later he offered me a ring and I said yes and been beekeeping together ever since.”

And together they have built their business through thick and thin, falling more in love with bees by the day – in one incredible story, a wild Africanised bee swarm chased Charles a mile, stinging him over 500 times before he could finally be reunited with Cindy in their bee mobile. For the pure love of all things bee-related, I am beyond delighted to bring you Cindy Moore, of Cindy and Charles Moore, of Sweet Cindy’s Honey from the United States of America for episode 38 of the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast.

Sweet Cindy’s Honey is a beekeeping, pollination and honey production business based in New York and Florida in the USA. Cindy and Charles are what is known as migratory beekeepers – they live in New York during the summer and Florida during the winter – sounds like bliss to me! Their honey is 100% from the United States, unadulterated and unfiltered, sourced from the Moore farms, which are owned and operated by Charles who runs over 1200 hives across two locations. Cindy and Charles are dedicated to making fresh, all-natural honey with a variety of different high-quality flavours. The reviews of their product are brimming with love and praise, making Sweet Cindy’s Honey one of if not THE best honey in western New York.

And for Cindy, beekeeping didn’t just lead her to Charles, the love of her life, it also led her to a profound understanding of why bees are so damn special. Loving everything about bees (except for being stung), Cindy reflects: “These little creatures have taught me that we all have a purpose in this world from the microscopic things to the biggest.”

For all these glorious reasons, tune in to hear Cindy and I talk about the life and times of a commercial migratory beekeeper, issues beekeepers face with honey coming from China through Vietnam, and the personal journeys that are beekeeping careers.

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