PODCAST EPISODE 64: David Priddy from Sundew Solutions, Australia

PODCAST EPISODE 64: David Priddy from Sundew Solutions, Australia As some of my many jobs include the rehoming of bee swarms and nests and the…

PODCAST EPISODE 64: David Priddy from Sundew Solutions, Australia

As some of my many jobs include the rehoming of bee swarms and nests and the removal of dangerous wasp nests, I have done quite a bit of thinking about different methods of pest removal. Of course, when it comes to bees, the answer is to do what you can to always save the colony and rehome the bees safely and happily. However, the world of (real) pest removal is a broader field, and one that I continue to learn about. The development of chemicals and technologies used for pest control purposes requires the right people with the right perspective, smarts and values. For that reason, I am delighted to introduce David Priddy of Sundew Solutions to the BEES WITH BEN beekeeping podcast.

Established in 2009, Sundew Solutions is a leading Australian research and development company. With over 25 Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) approvals to date, Sundew is a company at the top of its field, developing innovative state-of-the-art formulations and technologies for professional pest management. Sundew Solutions is a family owned 100% Australian business employing local families and manufacturing facilities in Australia and New Zealand to produce all of our products. Sundew also utilises the services of local Australian research companies, registration professionals, chemical laboratories, and raw materials suppliers. In these ways, keeping business local is super important to Sundew and to David.

David has a whopping 32 years’ experience both in Australia and overseas in both the business and chemical industries. His areas of specialisation are strategic marketing, customer relationship management, integrated marketing, brand stewardship, benchmarking, and innovation modelling tools – he is a smart bloke who has spent time working for international companies such as SC Johnson and Sons and Bayer. David is one of very few business managers in Australia who have studied to be a facilitator of Smart Innova Systems from the Israeli company Systematic Inventive Thinking in Lyon, France 2006. He conducts facilitation workshops with clients to look at specific situations, problems or processes and applies these tools to create innovative opportunities and solutions. David also is also regularly published in the Australian Professional Pest Manager magazine, Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association newsletters and Our Gardens Magazine published by The Garden Clubs of Australia. He is also a regular presenter on business marketing topics and formulation technologies for the pest industry.

Tune in to hear David and I chat about the complexities of pest control technologies and chemicals, why the environment needs to be considered every step of the way when creating and developing chemical solutions, and the passionate story behind the company name, Sundew.


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