Begin Again on Sunday

Every Sunday I sit down and write something for my community of beekeepers, nature lovers, and foodies. Looking back, I can see a kind of introspection to my blogs and posts on that day; it is as if I am summing up my feelings for the week and trying my best to make those feelings INTO SOMETHING. It sounds odd perhaps, and kind of philosophical, but it’s a nice way to end the craziness of Monday-to-Friday. It’s also something I didn’t realise I did, this end-of-the-week journaling, but is now an activity I need and enjoy. Sunday is a time to reflect and make changes.

This feeling is also true of the moment we are living in, where every day has a certain level of introspection, as we muddle our way through this pandemic and try and figure out the best way to move forward. Just like in the Sunday blogs, the necessity to

reflect and change keeps cropping up. Now, for small businesspeople, for people who are driven by passion, for people who act from their hearts and do whatever it takes to make their world, and the wider world, a better place to be, these ideas are not new ones. These are things we MUST do every day to make our lives the ones we want. As we reflect on the state of things, we make changes so that what we don’t like gets better.

Another thing I love to do on Sunday is visit a good farmers market. Now, at the farmers market, I see both sides of my favourite picture: first, farmers, producers and eco-businesses selling wares and produce they grew and made themselves; second, consumers with the same values as the people they are buying from. The energy created by people coming from two different perspectives but with the same ideas and loves and values is electric! It’s something I LOVE to see, and it’s a huge part of what inspires me to keep going in what I do.

As these times feel increasingly uncertain, let’s reflect and let’s change. Let’s remember what we love and why we love it. Let’s hold onto the important cultures we have created, because some of those small ones – like the weekend farmers market – are centred on food and kindness and the environment and healthy living, and these are all the things we need most right now! In the next few weeks, I will be helping you through with tips, tricks and ideas on how we can stay connected, eat well, care for the planet, and support small business in Australia. Take care and stay safe. Love Ben x

Begin Again on Sunday

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