Ben’s Bees IN CONVERSATION Public Speaking Service

Ben’s Bees IN CONVERSATION Public Speaking Service For any of you that know me, I love a good yarn. One the of the best things…

Ben’s Bees IN CONVERSATION Public Speaking Service

For any of you that know me, I love a good yarn. One the of the best things about my job is getting out and about with local people, sharing the knowledge I have about bees, the environment, produce, gardening and healthy living.

And I have lots of experience getting on my soapbox! For years now, I have been a representative at local and international conferences. I have appeared on popular TV and radio programs (including The Project, ABC radio, Network Ten News, and Channel Nine’s reality show, Dream Job). I have launched educational programs and books (such as, children’s publication, The Bee Book, promoted on Channel Seven, Tasmania). I have mentored new beekeepers in their practice, one-on-one, in person and online. I have also been an active teacher in the community, travelling around from school to school, town hall to town hall, community centre to community centre. My sell-out courses have proved to be great fun and very popular, as they are driven by my passion for spreading the word about bees, beekeeping, sustainability and local produce. And, (drumroll) I have a podcast on the way! I understand the importance of being entertaining, welcoming my guests, making everyone feel involved, and passing on the love of bees in a way that is accessible and promotes positive change.

One of the great ways I get my word across is by speaking at public and private events. Ben’s Bees IN CONVERSATION Service is a public speaking service where I make guest appearances at events, parties, market days, school functions and community meetings, to name a few. With a wealth of knowledge, and years of public speaking experience under my belt, I can provide an entertaining and educational presentation at your next event on topics ranging from bees and sustainability, how to plant a bee-friendly garden, how to set up an eco-business, beekeeping techniques, honey in food and cooking, bee-related products—the list goes on. My presentations are a love letter to the bees of the world that suit any audience ranging from a professional beekeeping association, social club, kids circle or eco-friendly party crowd! So, get in touch for a quote and have me appear at your next party, event, meeting or conference.

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