Healing Honey

Honey, Heal Me Honey: perfect really, isn’t it? The golden syrupy goodness we all love is a natural delicacy with many health benefits. On a…

Honey, Heal Me

Honey: perfect really, isn’t it? The golden syrupy goodness we all love is a natural delicacy with many health benefits. On a less romantic note, bees create honey through a process of regurgitation (yes, I know) and enzymatic activity. But come on, we are all bee lovers here, so let’s think of that regurgitation more like an alchemical act, where something fairly ordinary becomes something out-of-this-world. Nectar is collected by female worker bees and then passed from the nectar sacs on her body to a bee inside the hive. Exchanging the substance mouth-to-mouth until its moisture content reduces, the substance is transformed into honey. Magic!

Now, humans have understood that honey is damn special on many levels for thousands of years. Traditionally, ancient societies used honey to heal wounds and assist with intestinal disease; today, honey’s properties are continuing to intrigue health professionals. Nutritionally, one tablespoon of honey (21 grams) contains 64 calories and 17 grams of sugar, including fructose, glucose, maltose and sucrose. It contains virtually no fat, fibre, or protein.

Today we want to focus on how honey can help us look and feel younger and even more gorgeous than we already are (if that’s even possible!). Honey’s major benefit is its rich antioxidant content, including phenols, enzymes and compounds such as flavonoids and organic acids. Antioxidants slow down and expel harmful molecules that can damage cells, cause aging, increase heart disease, strokes and cancer. Raw honey has long been used to heal wounds, as an antiseptic, and to rejuvenate the skin. It is thought that some of the chemicals contained in honey actively eradicate bacteria and fungus. When applied to the skin, honey can act as a protective barrier to moisture skin and stop wounds from sticking to dressings, whilst simultaneously providing nutrients and other chemicals thought to speed healing.

Nutritious and antioxidant-rich, honey has been used since ancient times for its medicinal and health benefits. That is why I have made a series of cosmetic, skin care and health products that are jam-packed with the goodness that honey provides. For hard-working hands, slather on some Ben’s Bees Manuka Hand Cream; if your lips are looking worse for wear in this winter weather, treat them with Ben’s Bees Organic Lip Balm; and if your whole body needs a little TLC, Ben’s Bees Body Butter to the rescue. If you have any questions as to what products might suit you best, feel free to get in touch and I can direct you to the perfect product; otherwise, spend a little time strolling the aisles of the Ben’s Bees online stores for an abundance of honey products with the anti-oxidant and healing properties that are safe and nourishing for you and your family’s skin.

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