Moving Bee Hives Safely In Melbourne

Need to move beehives in Melbourne or country Victoria? Unlike a pet dog, you can’t just pop a beehive on the back seat and go! Ben’s Bees can help.

Light blue beehive in a grassy field with golden leafy trees

So, like me, you are the keeper of an unusual pet: the bee. Unlike the family dog that jumps in the back of the car when you need to move house or end your lease, the bee hive is a little more problematic.

What do you do when you need to move your colony of 10,000 furry yellow pets in Melbourne or country Victoria? Call me!

You see, a beehive is an expansive organism. So complex, in fact, it is known as a superorganism.

This is defined as a single umbrella organism consisting of many smaller organisms, often used to describe a social unit of, what are known as, eusocial animals.

Bees are eusocial as they have a highly organised system of labour, where the individual bees cannot exist without the others for any length of time. This is how the bee caste system works, where each group assists the other in a smooth-running bee-machine. In other words, queens, drones and workers need one another to survive.

And this superorganism requires a similarly-super home! The modern Langstroth hive (my preferred hive style) is a vertically modular hive.

It contains:

  • Vertically hung frames
  • A bottom board with an entrance for the bees
  • Boxes for brooding and making honey
  • A lower chamber for the queen to lay eggs
  • Honey storage containers
  • A cover to protect from the elements.

The main advantage of this type of hive is that the bees build honeycomb into frames, which can be moved with ease. Despite the Langstroth being an excellent model, this doesn’t mean your bees will be happy if you are moving their home from place to place. They have settled in, are busy, and don’t really want to be disturbed.

And, to be honest, moving this superorganism into their superhome can be kind of scary if you are inexperienced, as even the cutest of bees can get irate if you start to shake their house about.

And furthermore, some people can actually suffer a life-threatening shock to bee stings, known as anaphylaxis.

For these reasons, being careful when moving your pets around is vital. And this is where I come in!

Give me a call, send an email or shoot me a text message, and I will happily, and safely, come and move your bee hive from your home in Melbourne or country Victoria while you sit back and relax. Simply let me know where your hive needs to go, and I will take your yellow friends there safely in my bee mobile.

You can find my contact details here.

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