Ben’s Bees Beeswax Hair Wax 49g


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Ben’s Bees Hair Wax 49g Tin

Long gone are the times when unnatural, chemical-filled products lined the shelves of our bathroom cabinets. Due to the great amounts of research into the toxicity of our modern lives, we are now rejecting using synthetic substances whenever possible. Instead, we are reaching for natural products that can achieve the same results, won’t harm our bodies and are good for the environment.

Ben’s Bees Hair Wax is the perfect product to shape short hair and add texture to longer hair. Made from 100% natural products, its unique combination of shea butter, jojoba, coconut and sweet almond oils nourish your hair, while the star ingredient – beeswax – adds the strength and hold you need for styling. Mildly aromatic, this wax features the scent of juniper oil and is bound to be the perfect everyday product to keep your hair looking its best.

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