Christmas Bush Honey 750g


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As a child, my father would always buy honey in a tin. This unique honey reminds me of those special times.

The west coast of Tasmania is one of the world’s last pristine wildernesses. Remote and rugged, this beautiful landscape is renowned for its huge forests and the distinctive leatherwood tree – a plant found nowhere else in the world.

This Christmas Bush Honey is a very special reserve. Every year just before Christmas the Bursaria plant blooms – and millions of tiny white flowers in the shape of a bursting star appear on what has come to be known as the Christmas Bush. Only small amounts of honey are produced, with the flavour described as soft and mellow with marzipan tones.

Just like the environment from which it is sourced, Christmas Bush Honey is truly one of a kind.

Christmas Bush Honey features:

  • Made in Tasmania Australia.
  • Sourced from bees that create honey in the forests of the rugged west coast of Tasmania, gathering pollen from the Bursaria plant which flowers just in time for the Christmas season!
  • Honey is not heated or filtered – so it comes to you as it is found.
  • Presented in a resealable tin, decorated with a vintage-style floral design.


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