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Manuka Honey Cordial Will Sweeten Your Day!

We all remember the after-school sugar rush: racing home, sweat rolling down your face, to a glass of icy lemon cordial. With summers like these, who can forget!

A cordial is a concentrated fruit-based syrup, that, in its undiluted state, is syrupy and very sweet. For this reason, cordials are mixed with water, still or carbonated.

They can also be added into other drinks, even alcoholic beverages, for added flavour. With our hot climate, Australians have long loved cordial, and it is a popular staple in any kitchen pantry.

You can dilute your cordial to whatever intensity of flavour you like; personally, I am a huge lover of cordial and get stuck into it every day (yes, I have a major sweet tooth!). Because of this, I love my cordial strong (perhaps I am desensitized!), and, on these sweltering nights, with lots of ice. This year, in my fancier moments, I have been adding some sprigs of thyme, vodka and red grapefruit for the perfect weekend wind-down.

But as Aussies love good food and drinks, and our palettes are ever-evolving, cordials have needed a shape up from the sickly-sweet varieties available when you were a kid.

That’s where Ben’s Bees Manuka Honey and Lemon Cordial will not disappoint! Not your ordinary Joe, this cordial variety is delicate and tangy with the golden sweetness of the ‘nectar of the gods’ (well, the bees at least!). And as the warm days roll on, it’s the perfect time to grab yourself a bottle.

Add it to sparkling water for a refreshing thirst quencher, to your baking as a natural sweetener, or even freeze with some fresh mint for the perfect addition to any drink.

Want a Ben’s Bees hot tip: muddle some cucumbers at the bottom of your cocktail shaker with Ben’s Bees cordial, ice and a dash of turmeric for the perfect anytime, gourmet refresher. Get it while it’s hot!

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