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Honey For Sale: The Benefits of Ben’s Bees Raw Honey

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Are you tired of buying unethical food products from big businesses in Australia? Do you love supporting local Melbourne businesses, and eating produce that is healthy and natural?

Ben’s Bees honey is raw, local and made with love by happy bees. What is raw honey you ask? It’s exactly that, honey that has come straight from the animal, and is not treated in any way. It is taken from the hive in frames, spun with centrifugal force, and drained through a fine sieve to remove any wax particles. After that, we bottle up the honey for you and it is ready to make any dish delicious and nutritious, from breakfast cereal to a Sunday roast.

So, how does Ben’s Bees honey differ from honey you buy in the supermarket? The honey found in supermarkets is often pasteurised (heated to 70C or higher). This is done commercially, so that the honey looks smoother and cleaner, is easier to handle and package, and stays at a runny consistency. However, this is an unnecessary measure. Honey from big companies also poses huge ethical problems in Australia, paying beekeepers bottom dollar for their produce, as well as often mixing local honey with imported honey from China to keep production costs at a minimum.

In comparison, Ben’s Bees raw honey is a natural, Australian product with optimum taste and the beautiful imperfections of anything that comes straight from nature. That means that raw honey will always crystallise within a few months after being harvested from the hive. This has no impact on the product whatsoever, other than giving it a thicker texture. Actually, raw honey tastes better, as heating denatures the products’s fine aromas and enzymes. Raw honey also has a lot of health benefits, as it is high in antioxidants, making it great for people with a common cold or sore throat, and, when taken daily, can assist those suffering from bad hay fever. It can even be applied externally on wounds to promote quicker healing.

Ben’s Bees mixed flora honey can be picked up from 15 Marilyn Court, Blackburn North, Melbourne. Alternatively, Ben’s Bees honey can be posted in any amount at a flat rate cost of $14.95 within Australia. Ben’s Bees raw honey costs $12.00 for a 500 gram jar. For sales and product inquiries, email Ben’s Bees for further information.

Please email me if you have any questions.